friday’s with oscar

many of you have been following oscar’s journey from puppyhood to full grown canine. so here’s a little update: he had a bout with a parasite this week along with getting his adult teeth so there were a few ups and downs the past few days. believe it or not raising a puppy is very similar to raising a toddler and finding a good vet ranks in importance with obtaining that fabulous pediatrician. i still have fond memories of our pediatrician in houston, texas. at the time my boys ranked in age from seven through newborn so we were on a first name basis as i was a frequent visitor with ailments that ran the gamut from allergies to strep throat to dislocated shoulder… i’m certain our visits footed the bill for several round trips to hawaii…but back to oscar, he’s been taking faithfully taking his medication and is thriving again. he is now five months old, weighs 42 lbs, can sit, go down, play fetch, grabs his leash when it’s time to go outside, and it’s just about time to begin obedience classes. TGIF

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