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fridays with oscar

fridays with oscar

labels: pants (similar here and here); blouse (similar here and here); jacket (similar here and here); shoes (similar here and here)

this week, fridays with oscar is pleased to announce we are hard at work organizing our yearly birthday bash, if you can believe it 3 out of 5 djalali’s celebrate birthdays in the span of 5 days. exhausting, i know! so while we are busy with b-day preparations i thought i would share with all of you lovely readers four blogs that i personally love. in the blog world we call this  ‘follow friday’ and i have a feeling you will love these ladies as much as i do.


first up, is alison from wardrobe oxygen. this dynamic woman has been blogging for over 10 years! and she still comes up with fresh ideas. not only does alison blog about fashion, but a variety of topics. can you believe she just finished an extended cross-country road trip with her family? and lived to tell the tale! alison tells it like it is on her blog, i so appreciate her wit and honesty. and i love that adorable family of hers!


next up is kim from savvy southern style. this little powerhouse is always up to something on her blog. whether she is tweaking the face of a clock, shuffling furniture from one room to the next, adding curtains, or painting an entire room by herself! my hat is off to the amazing and talented kim who lives not too far from me. earlier this summer i had the privilege of touring her home in person. and it looks just as good up close and personal as it does in the photos.


jamie, who writes more than turquoise is a style blogger dream. this woman is dripping in taste. there has never been an ootd that i didn’t love with each piece properly put together. (can you say alliteration?) jamie is always off on some adventure or another, her mother lives in france for pete’s sake! and the photos? a-ma-zing along with fa-bu-lous backdrops. i could sing her praises all day long ‘cuz she’s just one pulled together lady.


last but not least is shannon the editor of the simply luxurious life. this blog has a little bit of this and a little bit of that. but every blog post centers on living a refined life. personally, i love to zip over on friday when shannon curates a list titled: this and that. recipes, fashion, books, music, and travel are all discussed on shannon’s site. this little lady has already penned and published a book! and hosts a weekly podcast.

fridays with oscar

pants (similar here and here); gingham shirt (similar here and here); sweater (similar here); shoes (similar here and here)

and don’t worry, my favorite side-kick and i will be back next friday. in the meantime,here are two ootd’s from last august.

on that happy note, oscar and i wish each of you a lovely weekend!

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