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another week has come and gone. friday has arrived once again! and i couldn’t be happier. my husband and i are headed out to a movie this afternoon. i think we are going to the new melissa mccarthy movie – it didn’t get rave reviews, but who cares? it’s melissa mcarthy! there are certain to be some funny moments. i absolutely adore this actress who, it appears, stayed true to herself while navigating hollywood and all of its stereotypes of women. brava! i won’t get on my soapbox for long, but i do receive many emails, comments, etc… in regards to body image. i have this to say: be healthy, be happy, and dress the body you have. we come in all sizes, shapes, and ages. and i love all of it. as many of you know firsthand, each decade has its challenges. one reader put it so eloquently: my knees aren’t as firm as they once were, but neither is my face, so it all goes together! gotta love an attitude like this. so that’s it – be happy, be you. because there is only one you on this entire planet we call earth. and take the advice of my mother: put on a little lipstick before you head out the door!

on that happy note, oscar and i wish each of you a lovely weekend!

labels: track pants Lou and Grey; sweater Talbots – cashmere limited sizes (similar here and here); shirt tailor-made (similar here and here); shoes Cole Haan