fridays with oscar

fridays with oscar


for those readers who just started following along here at the blog this day is for you. it’s so funny but i think everyone knows every little detail about me because i put lots of information into cyberspace on a daily basis. but then again i forget that many of you lovely ladies have only recently discovered my blog and know very little about me or oscar. or how fridays with oscar turned into a weekly gig. some of you write in claiming it’s your favorite day to tune into the blog (it’s mine too). we all know oscar is my best accessory! anyhoo, i’ve been a bit under the weather this week, and one rain storm after another has paid a visit to athens, georgia. and we commenced on home improvement paint projects inside the house which means it’s a disaster at the djalali residence (if you follow me over on Instagram I’ve shared our progress on Instastories – my handle over there is @styleatacertainage). so this friday instead of a new ootd and new photos of my best buddy i’ve decided to share a recap of my favorite canine. don’t worry, i know y’all tune in to see what i’m wearing so i linked each outfit with similar items as best i can so i hope that helps!

oscar started out life in a big litter of pups. six females and three males. but their mother suddenly died and the puppies were scooped up by Milo Foundation a dog rescue organization in san francisco. yes, mr. style and i lived in san francisco for several years before relocating to georgia a little ove a year ago. i know many of you think we are lifelong residents of georgia. but prior to our move we lived all around the world, and lots of u.s. cities. but athens is our forever home and i have to say we love it here in georgia. years ago, we lived in charlottesville, va. that’s when i fell in love with the south and it’s charming quirks, manners, lifestyle, and history. athens is a college town which adds all sorts of interesting factors into the mix. like the georgia bulldogs and college students darting here and there and intereacting with the community. but i absolutely love athens as there is practically no traffic to contend with. if i want big city life all we have to do is hop in the car and zip off to atlanta which is a mere 50 miles from home.

chinos (similar here and here), tee (similar here); blazer (similar here and here); sandals (similar here and here)

denim (similar here); blouse (similar here and here); sweater (similar here); scarf (similar here and here); sneakers

these are the first photos taken of oscar by mr. style. oscar would tag along with us on our photo shoots and sit patiently while we snapped photo after photo. but we wanted to chronicle his growth from puppyhood to full grown canine so mr. style would snap oscar’s photos too. can you believe how small he was?  it’s clear he was all ears and paws for months.

for some reason, i decided to share a photo from this shoot on instagram. oscar was about four months old or thereabouts. but the picture became an instant hit. the following week, when i didn’t post a photo with oscar people asked where that cute pup was. that’s when the lightbulb switched on. and fridays with oscar was born. these days, not only do i share photos of oscar on instagram, but a weekly blog post is dedicated to him as well. you can also find him on pinterest, twitter, and tumblr.

labels: denim; sweater; cardigan (similar here); shoes (similar here and here)

all the photos in today’s post were taken in san francisco. for those of you who follow along because you love my hair, well, i had an absolutely fantastic stylist in my san francisco days named karmen. i’m still on the search for the stylist here in georgia. and i just had a haircut yesterday by someone new. fingers crossed she’s the one. i’m pretty picky about my hair and short hair is the hardest to cut. it’s all about subtle details and elegant layers. and you have to give stylists a few sessions to get to know you and your hair before making a decision to move on or not. say a prayer my hunt is over.

denim (similar here); blouse (similar here); cardigan; shoes (similar here)

we used to put oscar in a harness when it was time for his walk. prior to oscar we owned an english bulldog. harnesses work well for bulldogs as they are wide and low to the ground. but a harness and a working dog don’t mix. once we fastened the buckle oscar thought it was time to go to work and puuulllllll you down the street. we finally figured things out…

skirt (similar here and here); tee (similar here); denim jacket; shoes (similar here); necklace (similar here)

fridays with oscar

as you can see oscar grew by leaps and bounds and he always knew when it was time to pose for the camera. secretly, i think he wants his mom to look her best. german shepherds are loyal and loving dogs. and they need lots of attention. and i mean lots.

denim (similar here); tee (similar here); cardigan

fridays with oscar

here he’s strutting his stuff, showing everyone just how majestic he is. people write in and ask if oscar knows how many fans he has and how much everyone looks forward to friday.  he might not understand he has thousands of fans but he knows firsthand mr. style and i love him to bits.

pants (similar here); blouse (similar here); sandals (similar here); clutch (similar here)

fridays with oscar

look who is hamming for the camera behind my back? isn’t he a hoot?! i swear he knows when it’s his time to shine. and i would be remiss if i didn’t share how dang smart this dog is. all german shepherds are for that matter which is why they fall into the working dog category. our exterminator thinks oscar is smarter than 90% of the population at large.

shorts (similar here); tee (similar here); blazer (similar here); scarf (similar here and here)

fridays with oscar

okay, ladies. thanks so much for letting me share oscar’s story. and nurse this bug that’s been plaguing me the past few days. i will be back in action next week. but if you are itching to know my skin care, beauty habits, or just curious as to what my latest ‘do’ looks like then you won’t want to miss sunday’s post. yes, i’m sharing a video and blog post where i share all of my current favorites. if any of you want to catch a few of my past videos click here

oscar and i wish each of you a lovely weekend!