Do you have any wisdom to share as far as diet and exercise are concerned?  You look fabulous!

Hi @mksilton,

thank you for stopping by my blog. and thank you for the compliment. as far as exercise and diet go I try to focus on the positives. I start my day off with a fruit smoothie, eat greek yogurt with granola for lunch or sometimes if I’m famished I’ll have a salad or soup, for dinner I love salmon and chicken fixed a million different ways. but I’d a firm believer that if I want a piece of chocolate I’m going to have a piece of chocolate or chocolate cake – I just try not to do that every day. for exercise these days it’s mainly walking. I live in San Francisco so I’m able to walk to the grocery store, or dry cleaners, or Ben & Jerry’s for a scoop of ice cream. I typically log in 7 – 8 miles a day. one of my sons gave me his Jawbone bracelet that tracks your daily footsteps so it’s fun to see exactly how many hills I’ve traversed day-by-day. in the past, I regularly attended spin class, and I love the pilates reformer for keeping you long and lean, but now that I’m a working girl it’s a bit of a challenge to fit those into my schedule, and I can see the difference.

A good night sleep is important as well so I shoot for 6 – 8 hours a night.

xxoo beth