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anonymous asked:

Hi, love your style – you look fab. Do you have any ideas on good outfits to hide my tummy. I can’t tuck tops or wear short tops as I am very self conscious about it. I am uk size 12/14 – very small on top but am restricted on what I can wear due to tummy sticking out. Result of 2 c sections and not exercising to put it right I guess. (I am 5ft 4). Many thanks.

hi anon,

there are a few tricks that you can pull out of your hat to conceal your tummy. here goes:

1) layers can work magic. invest in a structured blazer, jacket or long cardigan that you can pop over the top of your outfit. all of these choices will give you a long lean vertical line, and coverage.

2) stay away from belts. instead invest in a statement or chunky necklace that will draw the eye upward away from your tummy.

3) dark colors always help conceal rather than reveal.

4) avoid low-rise jeans. instead look for a pair that sits just beneath your waist and pick a dark rinse over a light.

5) leggings are big right now with a soft flowy tunic over the top. this is a perfect outfit for concealing a tummy!

6) a great a-line skirt and a v-neck sweater, tee, etc… also draw the eye upward and downward away from your middle.

7) dresses with an empire waistline.

8) make certain that you have a great fitting bra.

hope these suggestions help!

xxoo beth